Wellness Coach Training for Professionals

 Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn core coaching competences with integrative self-care principles to broaden your professional skills in compliance with health care transformation.
  • You will learn Wellness Coach approaches to empower and promote self-responsibility by engaging others into creating their own health, wellness, and vitality.
  • You will learn wellness leadership skills to develop, implement, and manage your wellness coaching career.

Program Description:

Wellness Coach Training for Professionals includes core coaching competencies with integrative self-care principles to promote optimum health, wellness, and vitality. The program is designed to meet the demands of professionals who wish to expand and enhance their current skill-set. Those eligible to receive training include nurses, social workers, counselors, nutritionists, physical therapists, holistic health and wellness practitioners, and recent graduates with a Bachelors Degree in related fields.

Wellness Coach Training Candidates will learn about the 12 dimensions of what makes a person whole; types of wellness assessments; the wellness coaching continuum; the transformational coaching model; coachable moments for change; vision board planning; the code of ethics; business development strategies for best practices; and many more core coaching competencies.

Learning Modules Include:

Orientation – 1.5 Hours

  • The Future of Wellness Coaching

Part 1 – Wellness Lifestyle & Holistic Integrative Approaches – 6 Hours

  • The Meaning of a Wellness Lifestyle
  • 12 Dimensions of What Makes a Person Whole
  • Understanding Holistic Self-Care Principles
  • Personal Responsibility & Patient Self-Care
  • Integrative Holistic Medicine and Wellness Coaching
  • Types of Wellness Coaching Assessments & Health Screenings

Part II – Core Coaching Competencies – 10 Hours

  • Wellness Coaching Continuum
  • Wellness Coaching Preparation and Set Up
  • Wellness Coach Presence
  • Readiness for Change Model
  • Wellness Coaching Assessments
  • Creating a Wellness Vision
  • Transformational Coaching Model
  • Transformational Coaching Conversation
  • Communication Skills – Compassionate Listening and Questioning
  • Coachable Moments of Change

Part III – Wellness Coaching Training Specialties – 4 Hours

  • Wellness Coaching for Longevity
  • Wellness Coaching for Relaxation and Stress Management
  • Wellness Coaching for Chronic Illness
  • Wellness Coaching Groups

Part IV – Practicum Coaching Sessions – 9 Hours

  • Setting Up the Agreement
  • Creating the Vision
  • Assessor Session
  • One-on-One Wellness Coaching
  • Coaching High-Level Wellness Awareness
  • Coaching Chronic Illness
  • Coaching Around Stress
  • Coaching Around Obesity
  • Group Wellness Coaching

Part V – Wellness Coaching Ethics, Business, & Career Development – 4 Hours

  • Ethics, Interventions, and Referring  out to Integrative Medical Health & Wellness Communities and Resources
  • Understanding the role of medical compliance – HIPA Rules, Reporting and Tracking
  • Health Care Reform & Wellness Coaching – Insurance Reimbursement, HSAs, Private Practice…etc.
  • Creating a Wellness Coaching Career Vision Plan

Certification & CEUs:  A certificate is awarded following completion of 34.5 coach training hours.


  • 6 Month Program
  • One-Hour Modules
  • 2X/Weekly Via Teleconference

Start Date:

  • Sept 5, 2012 (Registration Deadlines August 17, 2012)

Registration Includes: 

  • Transformational Coaching Model Handouts
  • Lifestyle Change Handouts
  • Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change
  • Wellness Inventory Assessment
  • Wellness Coach Certification

Registration:  Contact Kathleen Riley by phone at (248) 321-9200 or email kriley@tlicoaching.com.

Note:  For health care organizations with groups of 10 or more, 3-Day Intensive Wellness Coach Training for Professionals certification programs are available.

About the Trainers

Teri Kolar, MT-BC, MSA, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, a Master of Science in Hospital Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Complementary Medicine and Wellness. She has been working in the health care industry since 1990. She is experienced and credentialed to provide holistic and wellness treatment programs to both individuals and groups, including life and wellness coaching, stress management and relaxation. She also is an Instructor for the School of Health Science at Oakland University  as well as an Instructor for Health related courses at Central Michigan University.  Teri sits on the strategic development board for Oakland University’s Complementary Medicine and Wellness program and is involved in several community initiative programs such as the Oakland County Wellness Coalition and the Oakland County Health Alliance.

Kathleen Riley is the Senior Partner and founder of Transformational Leaders International (TLI Coaching).  She is the author of What You Feel is Real, its journal companion, and Everyday Miracles.  1997, Riley developed a personal growth magazine with Hearst Magazine Enterprises, publisher of ‘O’ Magazine.  She is past President and COO of The Transition Team, a thirty-year-old outplacement firm.  Since 2001, Riley has worked with hundreds in wellness, career transition, and personal growth.  She currently leads a team of wellness and leadership coaches serving corporations, associations, and health care providers.  As a trainer, she teaches others to become wellness leaders, wellness coaches and vital wellness coaches.  She is a Graduate and a Lifetime Member of the Advanced Corporate Coaching Program with Corporate Coach U, Inc. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Michigan State University and is presently earning a MS/PhD in Integrative Holistic Health.

As Instructors/Trainers, we uphold the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics and the principles of American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM).

Disclaimer:  This program is not in place of the care of a doctor, a medical professional or healthcare provider.  Please contact your doctor for any medical concerns or questions you may have pertaining to your health.

Registration:  Contact Kathleen Riley by phone at (248)321-9200 or email kriley@tlicoaching.com.